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Clean The Contents And Details Of The Cooling Tower
Aug 01, 2018

1. Manually clean the descaling residue in the cooling tower;

2. Repeatedly flush the filler with the high-pressure water gun to remove the sludge scale under cleaning;

3, with around 50 ℃ hot water dissolved the TNB safe efficient detergent flush repeatedly with flushing pump packing, after rinse clean until the scale (if packing service life is longer, cause aging and collapse, recommend replacing packing), at the same time to join the algae fungicidal, thoroughly destroy biological algae and bacteria;

4. Confirm that all parts of the system have been cleaned and sewage discharged;

5. Wash the stuffing and the inside and outside of the tower with water;

6. Restore all parts of the system, and fill the water for use;

7. After full recovery, party a's management personnel shall check and accept;

8. Evacuate party b's goods and clean the site;

9. Duration: according to the actual situation.