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AOSUA AB Series Round Counter Flow Cooling Tower Advantsge On Model Selection And Overall Performance
Aug 28, 2017

Except for the advantages of energy effciency which other counter flow cooling tower have.AOSUA AB series round counter flow cooling tower also have advantsge on model selection and overall performance:

1.Tower body:Using FRP composite materials with imported raw material glaze.The color have stabilizer which can block ultraviolet rays.The body surface is very smooth and anti-aging.

2.Fan:Adopt big span,spatial warping and fore rake type cooling tower dedicated fan with advantage of equal velocity.low dynamic pressure,energy saving,adjustable fan blade and meet craft require.

3.Motor:Using totally enclosed life boat cooling tower dedicated fan wuth advantage os superior water proof.

4.Filler:Round counter flow filler type hane the advantage of big heat radiating area coeffcient.good water distributor performance and high heat dispersion.