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Analysis On The Causes Of The Burnout Of The Cooling Tower Pump Motor And The Countermeasures
Aug 30, 2017

Analysis on the Causes of the Burnout of the Cooling Tower Pump Motor and the Countermeasures
Cooling Tower plant Cooling Tower with load start can cause damage to the pump motor: the actual use of the head is lower than the pump nameplate head too much, submersible pump without water working time is too long.
Cooling Tower factory that the Cooling Tower centrifugal pump head is used to overcome the height and resistance, high-lift pump in the high-point work when his flow is the design point of the flow, if the low head work, the equivalent of Cooling Tower factory Cooling Tower pump outlet resistance is reduced, then the centrifugal pump flow will increase, Cooling Tower factory Cooling Tower pump motor will be overloaded, over a certain degree will burn the pump motor. For example, a Cooling Tower plant Cooling Tower feed pump head of 50 meters, flow rate of 50 cubic meters / hour, when it is 50 meters high water supply, its flow is 50 cubic meters / hour, when it to 40 meters High water supply, its height and resistance to reduce its flow may reach 80-90 cubic meters / hour or more, then the pump motor will heat or burn.
First of all, the Cooling Tower factory should first understand the pump motor burn is burning bearing (mechanical failure) or burn the coil (electrical failure).
If it is Cooling Tower Cooling Tower cooling coil failure, mainly due to over-current caused by, sometimes the voltage is too high or too low will cause the coil heating short circuit, so check the running voltage is not and the rated voltage difference is too much The
Cooling Tower factory Cooling Tower over-current short circuit, there may be several reasons:
1, Cooling Tower plant Cooling Tower equipment overload operation, so that the pump motor for a long time in the rated current or over-rated current operation. It is important to note that the start-up current of the Cooling Tower pump cooling motor is 3-5 times of the rated current. Therefore, it should be avoided when the equipment is started with load or full load operation (mainly depends on the rated current and normal operation of the pump motor Current matching margin)
2, Cooling Tower factory Cooling Tower pump motor work in the more humid working environment. Cooling Tower factory Cooling Tower before the start of the pump motor should check the coil to the insulation and interphase insulation, different use voltage level insulation requirements are different, you can refer to the relevant national standards. In the operation of the pump motor should pay attention to the water pump waterproof and moisture.
3, Cooling Tower factory Cooling Tower pump mechanical failure caused by the pump motor overload, the current is too large and burn the coil.
4, Cooling Tower factory Cooling Tower pump motor cooling problem. General pump motor coils are air-cooled shell, Cooling Tower factory Cooling Tower submersible pump is water-cooled shell. Large-scale pump motor using air-air heat exchanger, air-water heat exchanger cooling. If you break the cooling water (air), so that the coil can not heat, are likely to burn the coil.
Cooling Tower in the winter heat load the largest, the tower of the overhaul should normally be achieved before the arrival of winter, trying to yield that year, increase the impact of the formation of the tower. Industrial Cooling Tower for this overhaul of the removal of the project, prefabricated components and construction should be in advance to control, to be a tower to be built tower tower wall spray, shower installation hoisting and other homework name should be achieved in the spring.
The operation of the Cooling Tower monitoring, adjustment, protection tasks should be stopped in real time, and with the season in line with the summer before the sink for the cleaning and splashing installation of the liquidation task, the actual confirmation, can be obtained by reducing the circulating water temperature 0.5-1.00C The benefits. Cold areas and cold areas should be particularly careful to pay attention to the normal winter operation method, and the use of solid anti-freeze method.
Choose the first to determine the Cooling Tower is the amount of cooling water, remember the election tower when the cooling water should be calculated to multiply the coefficient of 1.15-1.3. Followed by the inlet and outlet Cooling Tower water temperature requirements, that is, out of the water temperature difference, cooling coefficient can choose industrial Cooling Tower. General we civil Cooling Tower into the greenhouse 37 degrees, the water temperature of 32 degrees, the temperature difference of 5 degrees. Industrial Cooling Tower is generally 65 degrees -35 degrees, 54 degrees -34 degrees, 43 degrees -33 degrees and several different stages, this time out of the water temperature difference of 10 degrees -25 degrees. We should be based on their own water temperature requirements, to determine whether the election of high-temperature Cooling Tower is the industrial Cooling Tower or the choice of the general Cooling Tower. The last is the wet bulb temperature and dry bulb temperature, the Cooling Tower backwater and the difference between the temperature of the water is generally called the cooling range, it depends on the ambient air wet bulb temperature, so the local wet bulb temperature changes directly affect the Cooling Tower cooling effect. The air Cooling Tower is the use of conduction to the air heat to achieve heat, mainly by the air dry bulb temperature, therefore, the need for air cooler has a large surface area, so that the air cooler cost.