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Analysis On Several Factors Of Air Cooler Cleaning
Aug 30, 2017

Analysis on Several Factors of Air Cooler Cleaning
In the Air Cooler, especially in the Air Cooler, the appropriate temperature, humidity, moisture and sunlight to the biological algae breeding growth provides a superior condition. In the air-conditioning machine breeds a large number of biological algae and algae mud, these algae with the cooling water circulation to the system, will plug the filter, plug the condenser, the absorber, so that the cooling water flow is reduced, thus making the host produce high temperature, High pressure, and even automatic protection downtime. Seriously affecting the use.
Has always insisted on the use of "no acid safety, green" water treatment agent formula. To the central air-conditioning system for heat exchange equipment for industrial chemical cleaning, has been for customers to solve the water caused by a series of high-voltage jump machine, scaling corrosion and other issues applicable to any water quality conditions. No pollution to the environment, suitable for a variety of central Air Cooler systems, circulating Air Cooler in the cleaning machine. In the central air-conditioning and air-conditioning cleaning work with the use of quantitative and regular cleaning and management mode, that is, cleaning the cleaning process fixed, fixed time, the number of cleaning agents fixed, clear before the technical staff on-site understanding of the workers Condition, cleaning and according to Party A agreed to approach the work program strictly enforced.
The need for central Air Cooler water treatment:
Air Cooler system of water treatment is the Air Cooler system of water for chemical treatment or other treatment, to improve the water quality of recycled water.
Central Air Cooler water system is divided into two parts of cooling water and chilled water, in which the Air Cooler by the Air Cooler heat, the heat on the load into the atmosphere. But the water in the Air Cooler splashed into numerous small water droplets or in the filler surface film-like flow, the air a lot of dust, microorganisms, soluble salts and corrosive gases into the cooling water, so that the water impurities continue to increase; Constantly evaporate, so that the hardness of water continues to increase, which to the central Air Cooler system to bring a lot of harm.
① produce scale
Reduce the cooling effect, increase energy consumption, serious cause host downtime.
Due to the water dissolved in a large number of alkaline earth metal ions and bicarbonate ions, these ions heat after the formation of insoluble salts (such as CaCO3, MgCO3, etc.), they sink into the block is the scale. Scale thermal conductivity of less than 0.8, while the copper tube thermal conductivity of 320, a difference of 400 times between the two. Scale affect the heat and heat transfer, which will bring two aspects of the problem, first reduce the cooling effect, 1 mm thick scale to reduce the cooling capacity of 20-40%; followed by multi-energy consumption, serious high-voltage machine jump machine, can not work.
In terms of Air Cooler, the accumulation of scale on both sides of the PVC filler will destroy its hydrophilicity, greatly reducing its heat dissipation area, with the increase in dirt Upward hot steam and down the flow of serious obstruction, so that the cooling water temperature difference is generally only 3-4 ℃, it is difficult to achieve 5 ℃, cooling efficiency decreased by 30% or more.
② produce microbial algae
The air temperature of the Air Cooler is between 32-37 ° C and is very suitable for microbial propagation. These microorganisms secrete a lot of mucus, the water insoluble impurities bonded together. If the central Air Cooler for a long time without water treatment, rust residue, dirt off, coupled with biological slime, it is easy to plug the water pipe in the heat transfer tube, so that greatly reduced water flow, a serious decline in cooling effect.
③ corrosion
Air Cooler system cooling water, chilled water untreated with a certain degree of corrosion, such as the ordinary steel or nails into the water, a few days after the rust will appear, the longer the place the more serious corrosion. Similarly, the system piping and equipment wall often due to water corrosion and electrochemical effects and rust, or even perforation. Off the rust will clog the pipeline, so that the effect of Air Cooler; while the presence of corrosion to greatly shorten the service life of the equipment. Once the corrosive perforation, the water will enter the cavity, both pollution of the refrigerant (to scrapped), but also affect the normal use of the unit. From the following table statistics, the service life of the equipment without water treatment will be shortened by 30-50%