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Air Cooler Noise Reduction What Kind Of Method
Jul 27, 2017

Air Cooler noise reduction what kind of method
 Low noise Air Cooler noise to fan sound and falling water noise. Fan noise is the noise generated when the fan is running, mainly aerodynamic noise, including rotating noise and eddy current noise, but also the reducer noise and drive the motor noise. The falling water noise is the falling water of the Air Cooler when it falls from the watering device, and the waterfall caused by the impact of the water in the tower chassis and the disk. The value is related to the water level and the water flow per unit time. In addition to the noise, there are circulating water pump, with the motor noise, pipe radiation noise.
   The noise of the Air Cooler affects work and life, which brings inconvenience to people. There are four main ways to reduce the noise pollution of air-conditioners: rational layout, rational choice of air-conditioners, control of transmission, protection of the body. As the noise of the Air Cooler affects the prediction mode and the size of the Air Cooler, the distance between the forecast point and the Air Cooler is different, and the delineation of the different prediction modes is not yet clear. In the Air Cooler mode selection and range division, the relevant experts can be consulted The
   Air Cooler theory is a comprehensive and highly experimental system. The company's scientific and technical personnel in the Air Cooler through the years of thermal test on the basis of the test data for a comprehensive and comprehensive treatment, based on computer operations derived from the Branch (35 × 20-75 °) trapezoidal water filler volume bulk Coefficient Xxv, select the best gas-water ratio, the optimal cross-section water load, the cross-section air load and the high efficiency range of the packing to determine the volume of the packing and synthesize the shape and structure of the tower with the hydrodynamic view. Ventilation resistance, reference fan characteristics curve and test data optimization options, meet the air volume requirements and meet the noise standards of the fan and match the motor, so that cold, energy, noise, appearance to achieve an optimized system effect.
  FRP cold water tower selection:
1, according to the temperature of the cooling water, air conditioning options include: high temperature tower, the temperature tower, room temperature tower.
2, in accordance with the installation of the status quo and the requirements of the noise, cool water tower selection include: cross-flow tower and counter-current tower.
3, in accordance with the chiller cooling water to select the amount of cooling water, in principle, the amount of air-conditioning machine is slightly larger than the chiller cooling water.
4, the choice of more than one tower when the same choice of air-conditioning machine.
Operation and maintenance of cold water tower
Due to a variety of reasons, the cold water tower of the industrial circulating water without water treatment directly by the Air Cooler cooling, so that the cold water tower packing after a period of time to produce slime, easy scarring, breeding bacteria and algae, Collapse. Resulting in uneven tower water, poor ventilation. The formation of water, water and hydrophobic areas, resulting in wind without water, water without wind situation. Resulting in a cooling tower cooling effect greatly reduced. Therefore, in the cooling should be the first treatment of water quality, to prevent the water quality caused by excessive cooling cooling effect.
Influence of Air Temperature Variation of Air Cooler on Refrigeration
For mechanical Air Coolers, the higher the fan speed, the lower the cooling water temperature, the more power consumption of the Air Cooler at this time; but for the host, the lower the cooling water temperature, the host less power consumption. On the contrary, the lower the Air Cooler, the higher the temperature of the cooling water, so that the less power consumption of the Air Cooler. But for the host, due to the water temperature into the condenser, the corresponding host power consumption will increase.