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Air Cooler Manufacturer Long-term Stable Use And Operation
Sep 19, 2017

Air Cooler manufacturer long-term stable use and operation
Ventilation problems in many maternity rooms are caused by the production of equipment in the dust and waste generated, even if the production of the same product, but their power is not the same, resulting in branches and turbidity of the exhaust is not the same. In this case, the use of Air Cooler ventilation equipment program is not the same. If you deal with low-power cooling equipment to deal with high-power production equipment, will only cause more and more dust in the workshop, the air more and more turbid, not timely processing on the impact of staff efficiency. When the two workshops and the production of products and personnel are the same, can not use the same cooling and ventilation program, because the layout of the two workshops and ventilation surface is not exactly the same, and some workshop ventilation The area is relatively large, and some workshop ventilation area is very small; when using a small area of ventilation cooling program to solve the large area of ventilation cooling, so that the basic ventilation function of the workshop are not reached.
Stable operation, the use of a long time; Air Cooler rotation is very gentle, smooth operation, the accuracy will be high, the inertia of rotation is very small, the performance of the production in the factory specifications are more than the fan industry specifications Much higher, so that it can ensure that the long-term stability of the use and operation of the fan. Fans can be used according to their own requirements, can be made into a variety of explosion-proof, flame retardant, very anti-aging, very suitable for flammable and explosive in some dangerous places. Air Cooler is the use of glass fiber reinforced plastic products, the external use of imported resin mold, gives the feeling is very soft and beautiful, practical very strong; of course, according to user needs to produce some steel hood galvanized material.
Industrial Air Cooler produces low temperature air conditioning refrigeration equipment, it is widely used in optoelectronics technology, plastics, electronic products, machinery and equipment cooling. The rapid cooling can greatly shorten the working cycle time, thereby improving the production efficiency and product quality. Industrial Air Cooler air supply can be produced according to customer requirements, generally Ø100mm, for a variety of machinery and equipment supporting the models, according to customer requirements in particular manufacturing; use, should pay attention to shorten the long pipe, Of the cold loss of waste.
Air Cooler as a cooling ventilation equipment, in the enterprise workshop has been widely used, and now the use of the field gradually expanded to the shed cooling, some public places of ventilation, some small models of home Air Cooler suitable for summer and autumn Season home cooling ventilation use, the following to understand the next Air Cooler in the refrigeration industry advantage.
1, low power consumption, in the unit time Air Cooler power consumption is only one-fifth of the traditional air-conditioning, greatly reducing the operating costs of the factory;
2, through the wet curtain for heat transfer refrigeration, do not need Freon the most cooling medium, in the use of safe and environmentally friendly;
3, the cooling speed of the effect of cooling significantly in a relatively humid area can reach 5-10 degrees Celsius cooling effect in the northern hot and dry areas can reach 10-18 degrees Celsius cooling effect;
4, Air Cooler not only cool and can be indoor air ventilation, long time to keep the air clean and dry, will not produce the traditional air conditioning air conditioning disease, the body does not hurt the blowing sense;
5, in the operation of the vibration amplitude of small low noise, air volume, suitable for large workshop plant cooling use;
6, Air Cooler interface by the LCD screen display, with a timer switch function.
Air Cooler has a unique role in the preservation of food. Agricultural products picking season, the indoor temperature is relatively high, day and night temperature difference is relatively large, very detrimental to fresh storage. The easiest way to deal with this situation is to find a place where the temperature is more cool to save agricultural products, such as caves, caves, cellars, etc., but these methods can not arbitrarily control the temperature, freshness is not enough, the shelf life is also very short ,Time-consuming. Really want to save a long time to save agricultural products, the best solution or rely on artificial to create a controlled low temperature environment, Beidou Air Cooler, in the refrigeration has an absolute advantage.