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Air Cooler Is A Wet Curtain As A Cooling Medium
Aug 08, 2017

Air Cooler is a wet curtain as a cooling medium
Air Cooler in the serious scale when the shell had to spray cooling water, serious scaling will block the tube, so that the heat loss effect. The data show that scale deposits have a significant effect on heat loss, and as the sediment increases, energy costs increase. Even a very thin layer of scale will increase the downstream evaporative cooling equipment in the fouling part of the operating costs of more than 40%. Keep the cooling channel free of mineral deposits can improve efficiency, save energy, extend the life of the evaporative condenser, while saving production time and costs. Has been the traditional way of cleaning such as mechanical methods such as scraping, brushing, high pressure water, chemical cleaning (pickling), etc. in the equipment cleaning can not completely remove the scale and other sediments, acid on the equipment caused by corrosion loopholes, Followed by the flow of evaporative cold cleaning dirt, be sure to choose a professional metal corrosion of small cleaning agent.
Air Cooler is a wet curtain as a cooling medium, the water from the top of the wet curtain along the wet curtain corrugated surface of the uniform flow, so that wet curtain from top to bottom evenly wet, Air Cooler inside the fan work, the ventilation, , Forcing the unsaturated air to flow through the porous wet wet curtain surface, the air in a large number of sensible heat into latent heat, forcing the air into the room from the dry bulb temperature close to the wet bulb temperature, increasing the humidity of the air, while the air in the water In the evaporation process will absorb the heat in the air, making the dry hot air into a clean and humid cool air, which play a role in cooling and humidification, refrigeration, dust, ventilation, ventilation, energy saving. The humidified filtered air becomes more fresh and natural air to the interior. Chillers are used in open and semi-open spaces, such as factory floor, supermarkets, sports venues, etc., can be transported directly to the natural wind and cooling cooler after cooling. Outdoor hot, dry air through the evaporative air-conditioning cooling, filtration, Air Cooler a steady stream to the indoor delivery, the indoor hot, with dusty odor of the air out of the room, with cooling, ventilation and increase the air oxygen and other Effect, especially for high temperature and crowded places.
Water-cooled low-temperature Air Cooler small size, large cooling capacity, the use of world famous imported compressor, low temperature performance, reliable and durable, according to the characteristics of industrial applications designed, Air Cooler built-in low-temperature circulating water pump and stainless steel frozen water tank, the use of extremely convenient, all contact with water The use of anti-corrosion materials, effectively prevent rust, corrosion, microcomputer LED quantity controller, with temperature display, set the temperature, automatically adjust the temperature of the frozen water and the compressor delay protection, the use of brand contactors, relays and other electrical appliances Components, equipped with perfect indicator light, switch, operation at a glance, built-in electronic water level indicator and alarm device, low water level automatic alarm, the operator through the control panel will be able to grasp the water tank water level, timely replenishment, unique modular design, Each compressor system is independent of the system, even if a system problems, it will not affect the normal work of other systems.
The Air Cooler uses an efficient "direct evaporative" refrigeration technology, which is based on the fact that water absorbs heat energy during the evaporation process, that is, under the condition that the enthalpy is constant, absorbs the sensible heat of the air so that the air humidity (dry bulb temperature) reduce. When fresh air passes through the core components of the evaporative Air Cooler, the Swedish high-tech patent product CELDEK is interlocked with a stacked wet curtain, and the temperature of the wet curtain is equal to the air wet bulb temperature. The circulating water is in direct contact with fresh air, resulting in heat exchange and filtration Dust in the Air Cooler(dust filtration efficiency of 80% or more), so that the air is similar to the constant enthalpy line was cooled, the temperature of the air was eventually reduced to near the air wet bulb temperature.