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Advantages Of Cross-Flow Fiberglass Fluid Cooler
Apr 23, 2018

A closed cooling tower (also called an evaporative air cooler or a closed cooling tower) is a tube heat exchanger placed in a tower, and the cooling effect is ensured by the heat exchange between circulating air, spray water, and circulating water. Because it is a closed cycle, it can ensure that the water quality is not polluted, it can well protect the efficient operation of the main equipment and increase the service life. When the outside temperature is low, the spray water system can be stopped to save water. With the implementation of the national energy conservation and emission reduction policy and the increasing scarcity of water resources, closed cooling towers have been widely used in iron and steel metallurgy, power electronics, machining, and air conditioning systems in recent years.

Cross-flow FRP closed cooling tower uses two sides into the air, by the top of the fan, so that air through the tower on both sides of the packing, and hot water for medium exchange, hot and humid air and then discharged to the tower. The product mainly consists of the following advantages:

1, save space, light structure

The efficient heat exchange packing designed for this series of cooling towers has greatly improved the heat exchange area, greatly reduced the floor space, and greatly reduced the operating weight.

2, good corrosion resistance

The tower body, the water tank and the panel are all made of FRP material with good corrosion resistance, and a light stabilizer is added in the gel coat resin, which has good anti-aging properties and does not change color after a long time.

3, save power

Efficient blower-type glass steel fans specially designed for closed cooling towers are used to reduce the motor power used. The ultra-low noise type uses smaller motor power and saves power.

4, operating noise is extremely low

A low-noise motor designed for closed cooling towers, which reduces the operating noise of the cooling tower. Ultra-low noise series cooling towers operate with lower noise and are fully environmentally friendly.

5, easy to maintain

This series of closed cooling towers is a modular design. The air chambers of adjacent cooling towers are separated from each other. Maintenance and overhaul can be performed under the premise of normal operation of the cooling tower, and the work of cleaning the packing, water accumulation pipes and water tanks is more convenient.