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Present situation and market prospects of heat exchanger of air conditioner equipment industry in China analysis
Nov 14, 2016

Equipment manufacturing industry is an important pillar industry of the national economy. Some opinions of the State Council on accelerating the development of the equipment manufacturing industry since the implementation of China's equipment manufacturing industry development, independently of major technical equipment levels were significantly increased and competitiveness improved. According to the 2009 National Statistical Office data, total scale of China's equipment manufacturing industry has reached $2.2 trillion industry ranks first in the world, more than United States ($ 1.5 trillion) and Japan (1.23 trillion dollars) output.

China has became equipment manufacturing powers, but is far from equipment manufacturing power, and developed compared, also exists obviously gap: (1) missing independent intellectual property, technology, and new products of development capacity weak, advanced technology relies on abroad, high-tech equipment main rely on imports; (2) industry structure not reasonable, low equipment capacity GLUT, major equipment and high-tech products production capacity and serious shortage; (3) industry concentrated degrees low, enterprise scale small, existing more than 30,000 more than equipment manufacturing enterprise, No one can rank among the world's top 500, (4) industrial added value labour productivity and low per capita productivity lags far behind developed countries.

In both domestic demand and international industry transfer power, driven by China's equipment manufacturing industry in the future will continue to maintain a rapid and stable growth trend. According to the plan for restructuring and revitalization of equipment manufacturing industry and three-year GDP growth target of the national economy, to the machine tool industry, for example, 2009-2011 average annual growth rate of output value of China's machine tool industry-wide sales reached 15%, domestic machine tool market share increased to more than 70%. According to China machine tool Industrial Association said, is expected to 2015 China machine tool market consumption amount will reached 775 billion yuan around, industry development also will reflected following several aspects features: (1) industry structure continues to optimization, further perfect industry chain, gradually eliminated low-grade, and behind, and energy products, development technology content high and economic added value high of products, by provides single to provides equipment system direction development; (2) further increased development input, improve innovation capacity and China independent intellectual property development capacity In order to improve international competitiveness, (3) improve the level of specialization of manufacturing process, improving production organization of enterprises, the rational allocation of resources.