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How to select the cooling tower?
Nov 14, 2016

Choice of cooling tower has two aspects:

One is the production conditions

Second, site conditions

During the production of the most important, companies purchase cooling tower for the production of services. If the user does not know how to choose the right cooling tower to provide production information, we can for you to choose a suitable cooling towers. Or provide your site, so we can look at the scene, but also according to your request to send brochures, samples of materials and design.

Site is relatively important, and it is related to the size of the cooling tower, if the space is too small, don't put the right cooling tower will be detrimental to production. Cooling tower using very broad, almost all the factories will be used. Modern building on fire in an industrial area has certain requirements, if there is insufficient space will delay production. Small factory's cooling tower is usually placed on the fire escape, so plants should leave enough space under construction.

Especially for the cooling requirement for higher plants, it is more to do. Because the same type of cooling tower and its bigger, better cooling effect. If businesses need efficient cooling effect, will choose a large cooling towers.