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Harm and treatment of cooling tower fan vibration method
Nov 14, 2016

Vibration causes analysis of cooling tower

According to the fan operation and process and preliminary analysis on vibration causes of cooling towers, mainly have the following possibilities:

1), fan blade angle errors. The blade angle error is too large, it will cause the blades upwind difference, the load on the blade, resulting in cooling tower fan vibration.

2), blade is not balanced. The cooling tower fan blades for glass fiber reinforced plastic material, stomach is hollow, after the completion of torque and weighing, formed because it is a manual process, quality there are some errors in the South, moments after weighing, unbalanced weight has dropped, but cannot be eliminated, there are still some imbalance, cooling tower operation would be vibration.

3), propeller shaft balancing errors. Drive shaft for high speed moving parts, speed-980r/min, manufactured, if not corrected properly or drive shaft dynamic balance accuracy is not high, will definitely affect the stability of the fan, causing vibration of cooling tower is too large.

4), shaft, coupling is mounted with the shaft. Because the drive shaft gear chain connection, by self-aligning bearings, gears, chain and motor and reducer to connect coaxial degree is not good, will make the Motor reducer input shaft and output shaft is on a different axis, eccentricity, vibration of cooling tower air runtime is too large.

5), shaft bending. Drive shaft bending can cause cooling tower fan vibration, because of the long fan drive shaft, material for thin-walled steel tube, when the shaft is bent, operation will result in an unbalanced torque so that the cooling tower fan vibration.

6) serious steel corrosion, cracking. Between pillar and beam welding technology of steel cooling tower connected to form a steel structure, as part of steel corrosion, cracking, the entire steel frame rocking larger cooling towers will produce vibrations.

7), fans, electric pillar structure strength. Cooling tower fan, motor mounted on steel pillars, pillar of strength, shaking when they run, resulting in excessive vibration of the cooling tower.

8), gear box accuracy. Reduction gear of a fracture running gear and strict focus on Eclipse, tooth gap is too large, bearing damage will cause vibration while the machine is running the wind increases.

Cooling tower treatment of fan vibration

After a preliminary analysis, in view of the above analysis on several possible causes. Eliminate security risks first, and then follows the principle of from easy to difficult, for processing.

Half serious steel corrosion in the cooling tower replacement, reinforcement, elimination of cooling tower shaking, then proceed to test the machine, no significant change in cooling tower fan vibration, vibration is still too large. Check the blade angle, replace self-aligning bearings, worn cable measuring shaft runout (range), recalibration of the drive shaft, coupling with axial test machine, vibration reduction of the cooling tower, cooling tower fan vibration speeds: fluctuation between 12~19 and speed of motor vibration values: fluctuation between 8~15; design allowed. Vibration of cooling tower will eventually lock on the gear box.

Demolition blade moment weighing, imbalance in smaller then continues to check gear box gears, bearings, found the meshing clearance increased, bearing wear, shaft diameter gap increases, spindle sloshing around, take the replacement of bearings, gear clearance.