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Definition of cooling tower and knowledge of anticorrosion
Jan 14, 2018

The cooling tower is a kind of equipment in which water is directly in contact with air for heat exchange. Mechanical cooling tower It is mainly composed of blower, motor, filler, water sowing system, tower body, water plate and so on. Mainly by the wind under the action of the temperature than the lower air and the water in the filler heat exchange to achieve the goal of reducing water temperature. Water tower structure and design conditions in each manufacturer's product specifications are indicated, and we now cooling tower circulating flow used by the unit is more commonly used in the international unit, and in the selection should leave about 20% of the margin.

Cooling towers are widely used in air-conditioning refrigeration equipment and industrial production machine cooling, the scope of cooling, refrigeration, injection molding, tanning, foaming, power generation, steam turbine, aluminum profile processing, air compressor and other fields. The cooling towers are divided into air-conditioning cooling towers and industrial cooling towers according to different application fields.

At present, the cooling tower anti-corrosion requirements of higher industry are generally selected FRP cooling towers, due to the FRP made of anti-corrosion capacity, high temperature and hardness and so on are relatively strong, more suitable for long-term use of industry. Then the weld of the tube plate and the pipe can be protected with antirust paint, and the addition of organic acid and bactericide is used to prevent corrosion.

The industrial cooling tower is a high temperature drop product, which requires larger water sprinkling system and higher power distribution system in the tower layout. Therefore, industrial cooling towers are larger, more powerful, more supplies, more expensive than air-conditioning cooling towers are also higher.