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Cooling towers cleaning and maintenance
Nov 14, 2016

Cleaning and maintenance of cooling towers cooling towers cooling towers the life and the impact of performance and stability is very important. As we explain below, steps system for cleaning cooling towers and the areas that need attention:

Apron systems

1, check the main cooling tower water pipes, water pipes, nozzle has a broken loose, patched, fixed in a timely manner. Thoroughly remove dirt inside the pipes and nozzles to ensure smooth pipe, sprinkler water evenly.

2, wash thoroughly with water cooling towers and water filter cover and avoid accumulation of dirt blocked pipeline. Cleaning is completed open the drainage valve, water in the drain pan to avoid freezing.

3, check the water tray, Tower foot is leaking, if there is leakage, glue in a timely manner.

Cooling system

1, cleaning all Recai cooling towers (padding), thoroughly clean off the surface of the heat, scale dirt between holes, ensure clean heat material. Disassembly line repair replacement of heat transfer material. Attention when filling it tightly, leaving no gaps.

2, cleaning out water, muffling blanket to remove dirt. Repair the damaged replaced. Retaining water code requirements when placed close to prevent drift ice. Cooling tower water, check for leaks (especially at the junction of Tower), if the leak then replace the seals.


1: motor: check the terminals of the motor is intact, motor transfer is normal, the motor wire box seals, lubricate motor bearings, motor shell repainting. Prolonged downtime, we recommend running at least every month motor 3 hours, keep the motor dry and lubricate bearing surfaces.

2, gearbox: check the gear rotation is normal, if abnormal sound, immediately replace the gearbox bearings.

3, belt, belt wheel: regulating screw, loosen the belt and extend belt life. Check the belt for breakage, cracks and, if necessary, suggest that the owners replace with new belt. Check pulley, motor level, tighten loose bolts, rusty bolts be replaced.

4, fans: cleaning blade surface dirt, check the fan blade angle, clearance between blades and wind trunks, and make the adjustments.