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Cooling tower industry in China actively develop good market prospects
Nov 14, 2016

With the rapid development of industrial and cooling tower will have good development prospects. In demand, driven by, cooling tower manufacturers increased research efforts, and ongoing product innovation, better meet the market demand.

Cooling tower equipment is chemical, power, metallurgical, textile, paper, modern industrial and mining enterprises and various civilian engineering, achieved equipment cooling, and or air conditioning refrigeration in the implemented cycle water cooling of ideal water type equipment, main should for air conditioning cooling system, and frozen series, and injection, and leather, and sent bubble, and power, and turbine, and aluminum profile processing, and empty pressure machine, and industrial water cooling, field, application up of for air conditioning cooling, and frozen, and plastic chemical industry.

Cooling tower is a heatsink is a principle of the evaporation heat of water to disperse industrial or waste heat produced in the refrigeration and air conditioning unit for the operation of the guarantee system, he could lower the temperature of cooling water. Cooling towers are used to carry the waste heat of cooling water in the Tower body heat exchange with the air, transfers heat to air and scattered into the atmosphere.

Cooling tower market in China started late, but steady growth, with the development of production technologies and increased awareness of environmental, industry with many of the users of its potential, market potential is extremely broad. After joining the WTO, in order to better participate in international competition, and international standards, the State plans to a wide range of cooling tower industry restructuring and reorganization, including the formation of the combination of production, study and research group.

In order to save energy, large cooling tower with natural draft cooling towers, ventilators, one column, ring base, water installations and core material. With new materials, new technology development, perfection of specifications and user requirements of the cooling towers and continuously improve, there will be more and more meet the needs of the times, good performance and convenient choice of products. Visible cooling towers will be the essential customer demand in the market of energy-saving equipment.